Thursday, 31 March 2011

minecraft anyone?

Hey guys. I just got my minecraft server working recently so i had the idea of posting some screen caps of the world. So far i have only got arround to building this however i am working on the Parthenon from Greece). Would anyone be interested in joining the server? Also what are good server mods, like ones that have server protection and how do i use them?
7.5 hours
32280 blocks of cobblestone


  1. It is a nice world... And I have a hotel in it!

  2. Oh man, I'd be VERY interested in joining your server if it's lag free for an Australian, I've been searching for a long time. The only mods I know about are things like runes and stuff, those are pretty good.

  3. Minecraft is great. Good work!

  4. i love minecraft for like 4 hrs then i get bored