Saturday, 26 March 2011

fail gameing

for those who have read my last blog, you would know that i was going to a LAN gaming even the other night. Well it turned out to be a big fail for me. The first thing that happened was the my keyboard decided it wanted to break before i could log in, so i had to spend a quarter of an hour going through all the spare keyboards the place had trying to find one that worked (too so long because i had to lock / unlock the door to the storeroom every time i went there). The next thing that didn't work on my computer was no sound. This pissed my off as I almost always game better listening to hardstyle. Next, the people who were sitting opposite to me got really aggressive with their gaming and kicked around a lot. Normally i wouldn't really care about this except this time they managed to kick the power plug out of the wall socket every few minutes so I had my computer turning off every few minutes for about 3 or 4 hours before i figured out what it was. On top of all this, my steam account decided to get suspended because "it was an unidentified IP address" and i couldn't play any of my steam games for the whole night. Man this pissed me off so much.

Has this or anything like this happened to any of you?


  1. Wow, that's horrible luck. Hope the next one goes better for you.

  2. my xbox red-ringed at a halo competition. was pretty fail. Following man

  3. dude, what did you do? i'd kick back and have a beer... call up that girl next door, but yeah, i'd just jack someone else's pc to play , hahaha

  4. @crustaa
    xbox red-ring is like blue screan of death right? man that would suck, especially at a comp. Did you get kicked out of the competition cause of it?
    I got can of monster and pizza (both free) so just sat back and tried game while i could :/

  5. Everyone knows that any event which requires you to network to other computers is half spent trying to figure out how the hell to get all the hardware working together

    At the moment my flatmate and I are trying to get multiple routers working just so we can get a Minecraft LAN server for the two of us working smoothly. WAY too difficult for the return.

    Gonna eat some cake now - Nice blog. Be sure to come click around mine some time :)

  6. Ha - My comment didn't go through so I have to write it all again!

    Mate, LAN evenings always get broken by hardware issues, they're never seamless hahaha my flatmate and I can't even set up a freakin Minecraft server without it lagging like a bastard!

    Our Xbox red ringed, so had to buy a new one... Routers playing up, all sorts of rubbish

    Anyway, off to eat some cake - Hope you'll come click around my blog some time : )

    Nice blog.

  7. Oh I see you need to approve comments... Nice one Mike lol, don't bother with these two ;)

  8. never happened to me before, sorry about that man.

  9. Ouccch guy that blows, especially on a LAN night to eh? +1 follow

  10. Omg, no luck man ! it's really strange that steam blocked your account..